Keeping a grande old dame in fine fettle

Keeping a grande old dame in fine fettle

Jonathan Magerman celebrates his 30th year as Maintenance Manager of The St James Retirement hotel this year.

“A building of this age needs constant attention, dedication and skilled maintenance expertise ” says Jonathan. Our building has seen a lot of living and it carries its age proudly and sturdily, but I am proud to say that my team and I have helped her along over the years”.

Jonathan joined the St James maintenance team in 1987 when he was just 20 years old, working under the tutelage of then Maintenance Manager, Abdullah Fortune. Three years later, when The St James became the sought after retirement venue it is today, Jonathan was appointed to his current position as Maintenance Manager.

Jonathan is quietly spoken and not given to talking much about himself. “The only speech I have ever made was at my son’s wedding”, he says. He has two sons and a daughter, of whom he is immensely proud and his daughter, Alvina obtained a Bcom Law degree and now works for a major bank. He has a grandson who he calls “The light of my life.”

Jonathan is also not given to telling stories of which there are no doubt plenty. “The hardest part of my job is not only the work” he says. “but when a resident of whom one has become fond passes on.

A member of his team is on duty every day of the week to attend to the complexities of building maintenance work in addition to the daily attention Residents require to change globes, fix bedside lamps, retune TVs, change taps and other general plumbing and electrical inspections and maintenance. The lovely sea air causes ‘ocean breeze corrosion’ so painting in ongoing.

“Jonathan’s knowledge of the old building is indispensable and a lot of his time is spent advising and supervising outside contractors” says Managing Director, Gael Baldwin. “ He has amazing recall of work completed over the years so he has a finger on the pulse of all plumbing, electrical and painting requirements. Besides these duties, Jonathan has to practice strict control of expenditure by keeping a close eye on the Maintenance administration. He is an invaluable part of The St James team”